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Experience the freedom to blog from anywhere!

Effortlessly manage your blog from anywhere with our quick and convenient solutions. Discover the seamless ways to post to your Wix Blog in this informative blog post.

Experience the freedom to blog from anywhere!

Streamline your blogging experience with the Wix Blog Dashboard. Find all your blog management tools in one convenient place - the Dashboard. From creating new posts to setting categories and beyond, you have everything you need at your fingertips. Access your Dashboard easily by opening the Wix Editor and clicking on Blog > Posts. Start optimizing your blogging experience now!

Blog directly from your site.

Unlock the power of blogging on your published website! Access your site's URL, log in with your Wix account, and effortlessly write, edit, manage comments, and pin posts. Click on the 3-dot icon (⠇) to explore the full range of capabilities at your disposal. Enjoy seamless and convenient blogging directly from your published site!

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