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Chicago Web Design with Accessibility at the Forefront: Our Journey with AccessiBe

Updated: Mar 26

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Chicago Web Designers - PuraVida Media

At Puravida Media, a leading Chicago web design agency, we believe the beauty of web design should extend to everyone. That's why we craft websites that are not only visually stunning but also accessible to all visitors, regardless of ability. As web design professionals serving the Chicagoland area, we understand the importance of adhering to ADA and WCAG regulations. However, ensuring true compliance while maintaining a user-friendly and visually appealing design can be a challenge. That's where accessiBe has become an invaluable tool in our Chicago web design toolbox.

The Power of Partnership

When accessiBe reached out, we jumped at the chance to explore their solution. We were impressed by the seamless integration and how it doesn't drastically alter website aesthetics. Instead, accessiBe works its magic behind the scenes with powerful AI, making websites more usable for people with disabilities – a significant win considering the scale of that audience.

Why accessiBe Makes a Difference

  • Inclusion First: Fosters a sense of belonging for all visitors, aligning with our values.

  • Proactive Compliance: Helps us stay ahead of legal regulations and avoid potential issues.

  • Elevated User Experience: Intuitive adjustments for different needs create smoother browsing for everyone.

  • Reach & Responsibility: Unlocks our potential to serve more people while fulfilling our ethical obligation to make the web inclusive.

The Puravida Media Experience

Installing accessiBe was surprisingly easy. Beyond the AI's technical fixes, we love the user-facing widget. It gives visitors the power to personalize their experience with options for:

  • Larger text and fonts for visual impairments

  • Color contrast adjustments

  • Keyboard navigation support

  • And more!

    • Check it out below once activated.

Understanding Web Accessibility Laws: A Must for Businesses

Don't overlook the legal side of web design! In the US, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) increasingly applies to websites. To meet ADA requirements, websites should follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Additional regulations like Section 508 and international laws may also apply to your business.

The Risk of Non-Compliance

Ignoring accessibility isn't just ethically wrong, it exposes your business to potential lawsuits and damages. Investing in accessibility is not only important for inclusion, it also protects your bottom line.

  • Below is the Accessibility Statement

Take Action

  • Learn More: Visit accessiBe to understand how they help with compliance.

  • Consult Experts: If you're unsure of your current compliance status, consider legal counsel or a web accessibility specialist.

A Note: Accessibility is a Journey

accessiBe is a fantastic tool, but true inclusion goes beyond automated fixes. We pair it with thoughtful design choices and content strategies to maximize the benefits.

Want to Build More Accessible Websites?

If you share our commitment to a more inclusive web, check out accessiBe's website. Puravida Media is also here to help you design beautiful, accessible websites that leave no one behind. Contact us to start the conversation!

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