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At Puravida Media, we are passionate about website launches! Whether you're a designer, yoga instructor, musician, or chef, our platform empowers you to effortlessly manage your website and business from a single, centralized location.


PuraVida Media, based in Chicago, IL, is a dynamic digital marketing agency specializing in designing, building, and managing cutting-edge campaigns and websites for businesses. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering personalized campaigns that harness the power of big data to achieve significant goals. At PuraVida Media, we continuously strive to stay ahead of emerging trends and envision the innovative ideas that shape our future. With a diverse range of clients spanning various industries, we understand the importance of adapting to the ever-evolving digital landscape, ensuring that we connect with thousands of touchpoints every day, regardless of geographical location.

Let Us Handle Everything

PuraVida Media excels in targeting the right audience with ideal keywords, positioning your brand for maximum exposure. Through A/B testing and lead-capturing landing pages, we optimize conversions and create engaging customer experiences for your brand's growth.

We Do It Right For You

PuraVida Media's innovative approach to web design injects your business with a much-needed surge of energy. Whether we embark on a ground-up creation or collaborate as consultants to bring your creative vision to life, our goal is to work hand-in-hand and deliver outstanding results.

Results You’ll Love
For You

PuraVida Media boosts your business through strategic online campaigns, driving valuable leads and sales via paid advertising and dynamic social media initiatives. Our comprehensive services encompass Google Ads and Facebook Ads Management, alongside expert social media management.

The Path to Success: Our 6-D Methodology


Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing Fuels Business Growth, Not an Expense


Convert Traffic To Leads

Craft compelling offers and calls to action that engage potential buyers at every stage.


Effective Website Platform

Your Website: The Central Hub for Effective Online Marketing and Lead Generation!


Converting Leads into Sales

Marketing automation streamlines tasks efficiently and cost-effectively, eliminating manual effort.


Generate More Traffic

Boosting website traffic maximizes lead generation potential.


Measure Everything

Key Metrics of Utmost Importance


Allow us to present a selection of our remarkable clients.

DLM Imports

Tequila 13 Colonias

Houston Adventist

Green Sun Landscaping

United Masonry

Destin 4x4

Journey 2 Justice




Proyecto Sol

El Chuco Law


Bender Transport

BioBoston Consulting

BioFuels of Mexico

Vertueuex Beaute'

Organized Desk

Would you like to start a project with us?

Contact us and let’s ignite your growth together!

Purple Flower


"Contraté a Jesus de Pura Vida Media por sus servicios y me ha dejado impacto por el profesionalismo, el tiempo dedicado en atendernos y en ayudarnos a crear nuestra página web. El escuchó atentamente a nuestro objetivo y al proyecto que tenías en mente y lo logró con un fenomenal resultado. Recomendamos a Jesús al 100%"

- Osvel Salguero

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